Our Practice

 Today most Chiropractors make you jump through hoops and charge high fees to get their care. At Cook Chiropractic we make it Easy and Affordable for you to get all the Chiropractic care you want and need. 

 If you have not been to a Chiropractor before or have not been in a long time, WE want to be your Chiropractor. Unlike other Chiropractors, who are in love with the title "Dr.", you can just call us 'Kevin' or 'Andy'. 

 How is this possible? Most Chiropractors practice under the medical paradigm of “treating” you as a body and a body only.  We don’t!  At Cook Chiropractic, we understand you are made up of a BODY, MIND and SPIRIT and that you live your life through your nervous system.  The key to living LIFE pain free, and more importantly to express your MAXIMUM POTENTIAL, you must be plugged into the source of LIFE.  As a Principled Chiropractor we simply remove the interference so your Body, Mind and Spirit can be fully connected and allowing your body to naturally heal itself, thus allowing you to be pain free, like you were always meant to be. 


Dr. Andy

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Osawatomie Office

Tuesday and Thursday Paola Office

Dr. Kevin

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Paola Office

Tusday and Thursday
Osawatomie Office